It’s dreary to behold the so-called ”Pentes” justifying their support to Abiy Ahmed as an act of righteousness, forgetting altogether that they are overstepping in politics. Most do this out of oblivion! Today’s church’s scriptural deficiency is dumbfounding!

Their latest target is Dr. Dereje for speaking out on the atrocities of the futile Abiy Administration. When the truth is on your side, you don’t need others to defend you, and so, I’m not fending Dereje. But I commend him for speaking up!

Gullible evangelical Abyei’s religious wing, think meddling in politics by way of support is somewhat righteousness, but opposing is disobedience unto God, ugh?! Where do we start?! They make it seem like, Abiy came from straight out from heaven to power, not through OPDO an ethnic-based political party.

What part of Christianity teaches you to turn a blind eye on the afflicted? I just want to learn this from you! What part of the Bible teaches you, ዘመነኛ ጴንጤስ to not echo for the poor and destitute, but to march anyway behind incompetent, and deceitful con man who is failing to secure stability and justice? Forget securing peace, he deliberately aggravated the public on the wake of genocide, by not granting comforting words! How cruel and ungodly one can be to not utter words of comfort and encouragement?! I mean, how does one fail to give lip service at the very least, unless he/she is sadistic and under demonic influence?

How in the world a follower of Christ, would be in agreement with this man and see millions of dollars wasted on an artificial park, while many languish from social instabilities? How is it at truce with you ዘመነኛ Pentes to see many targeted by their ethnic line? How do you reconcile this with your conscious and above all with the Father?

Be reminded, history is accounting the so-called first ”pente” PM in a bad light. The church will be held accountable if she doesn’t distance herself from ushering blind support. The church must hold the administration accountable for injustice and sadism that’s taking place under the watch of this man, or else the blood will be on the church!

The church will pay the unnecessary price if she fails to act according to the authoritative word of God. The church must stop upholding Abiy above the word of God. The churchites must be reminded that they are worshiping a man at this point. Churchites must stop from keep paving the way for the anti-Christ. The blind support that Abiy is getting from churchites is alarming, problematic, and mortifying!

Take heed.

”A prudent man foresees the evil, and hides himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” proverb 22:3

Lydia Zewdu!